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Academic Coach Taylor knows what it takes to succeed.

For all my classmates working on seminar: Academic Coach Taylor knows what it takes to succeed.

Unfortunately...but I do relate anything I can to FNL...

Funny TV Ecard: Sometimes when I watch 'Friday Night Lights' I wish I could solve all of the problems of Dillon, Texas.

Executing the lesson: I put 20 minutes on a countdown timer -- I love having a classroom computer hooked up to a projector! -- and told the students to "Deconstruct Chapter two, looking for the signposts. You can work alone or with a partner or with a few friends. Look through the book, talk about the book, and take colourful notes!" They went into workshop mode while I wandered around the room, checked in with students, answered questions, and coached them to find the information in the…

Mind Maps: students deconstruct a chapter using sign posts. Student centered way to examine literature and allow students to intelligently direct conversations about literature.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't loose

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose Love Friday Night Lights

Academic Coach Taylor has some advice for you. [ACT Undergrad Finals Edition] Wikipedia is a fine place to start (provided you read the references). It’s a terrible place to end.