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    The miners strikes of 1972 caused power cuts around the country. With no coal for the power stations blackouts lasting nine hours plunged Britain into darkness. I remember being on Christmas vacation from college and reading to candlelight.

    Miners strike = not enough coal for the electricity power stations = 3 day working week to save the power = reduced income. Those long dark evenings playing cards by candlelight. Taking the dinner to cook in the neighbours gas oven. Then, the bin men went on strike, then the gravediggers. . . .

    I remember these....

    Push on shower for the bath - 1970s power shower!

    Block of vanilla ice cream cut into slices with wafers to make ice cream sandwich ... Why can' t we do this now!!

    Sooty and Sweep with Harry Corbett - later on got to know his son when he was on tour with them

    This is how we did our homework, using reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias No Google for us we had to know where to look to find the answers ;-)

    I remember watching this on my parents' black & white TV, 1969.

    Played jacks for hours...

    1973 The 70's were the worst years in fashion! So ugly and obnoxious!

    I remember this! lol

    Sooty and Sweep! Childhood memories!

    Do you remember this????

    Tupperware cereal bowls; I remember these!

    Fun to remember!

    Remember doing this?

    jungle gym

    Concrete coal bunker in the back garden, I remember the coal man coming thru to fill it !

    1970's plates.