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Dream machine. 3D printer!!! Oh the things I could do with this puppy....Now to get $1800 .>

MakerBot Replicator™ – making things BIG in TWO different colors! Last month, MakerBot Industries was excited to announce the launch of its latest product, The MakerBot Replicator™, which was…

Weekly Innovation:  Turn A 3D Printer into a Tattoo Machine

Weekly Innovation: Turn A 3-D Printer Into A Tattoo Machine

Maybe now i can consider getting a tattoo! Weekly Innovation: Turn A Printer Into A Tattoo Machine

iRapid compact Top Ten 3D Printer Machines

With the advancements in technology, many unimaginable things are now within the reach of a common man. printers are one of those machines, which can build

Filabot plastic recycler for 3d printer material! SO COOL! If I had a 3D printer I would definitely want one of these!

Filabot Turns Your Plastic Junk Into Material for 3-D Printers

Fashion X Technology: Naim Josefi Custom 3D-printed shoes look to microbiology for inspiration

Fashion X Technology: Naim Josefi

Swedish designer Naim Josefi envisions a consumer environment in which a shopper’s foot would be scanned in-store, and a perfectly fitted shoe printed on demand.

Voxel8: The World’s First 3D Electronics Printer | New 3D Printer Will Now Print Drones, Phones, and Other Electronics

Beyond plastic angel paperweights and keychain elves, how complex can complex be in today's output from printers? says they have the world's first multi-material electronics printer, the nature of which can give .