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This is pretty close to the style I want

If I ever get a pin-up girl tattoo (which I'd love to) this is definitely where it will be on my body.

possible hummingbird tattoo design and my soon to be next tattoo

Midsummer daydream // flora tattoos

This tattoo is usually inscribed on the arms. There are different types of musical signs on it. The design is extended till the neck making it unique in its own way

I love how some girls can look so elegant, sexy and bad ass with tattoos!

I never thought of having a "sleeve" on ur u call it a pant leg??? Lol. Very ku tho!!!!

I think this would be sexy on a guy 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books

This would be an awesome Tattoo!! I have a thing for owls, elephants, tribal, anchors, birds & feathers, skulls some what if done right

This is the final design for the next part of my thigh sleeve. The theme of the sleeve is family, as my family is very important to me! The meaning and importance of this part is my ancestors. Some of my ancestors were Romany gypsys, therefore I want this on tattooed on my thigh. I cannot wait and my tattoo is booked for friday :)

i dont love feather tattoos, but i do like a group of them like this on the calf