How To Make Chalkboard Labels-by 12-08

Time to plant the great chalkboard terra cotta pots. DIY kit from #darbysmart has everything you need to make it happen.

make chalkboard labels from switch covers + chalkboard paint {genius! and cute!}

How To Write Nicely On A Blackboard / Chalkboard, fab for making wedding signs – Click through to see the video (Chalkboard Writing How To Video!)

Add a chalkboard label to your serveware to write out a merry message or label your sweet treats! The best part? The tape peels right off when you're done! #12days72ideas

What a great idea!

Chalkboard contact paper. No need to paint things now. Just slap some of this on there and it's a chalkboard. This is awesome!

DIY Gumball Machine - terra cotta pots and dollar store bowl.

Mason jar spray painted with Krylon's "Looking Glass" spray.

What makes this look amazing is getting all sorts of different shapes. Look for wine bottles, glass oil containers and jars

How to make Chalkboard Paint This recipe is super easy and only requires two ingredients…PAINT (of any color or type) and some NON-SANDED TILE GROUT. Then you will need to simply mix 1 cup of paint and 2 Tablespoons of grout. That’s it! Just make sure to stir it really well so that there are no lumps. You can use any paint. Paint for plastics or acrylic paint or house paint.

Make your own chalkboard paint in any color!

DIY Tinted Jars. These colors are gorgeous. Something to finally make with glass jars instead of throwing them away!

Dollar Store Bins made over with fabric. Love this idea and will be making these in the future.

resused hangers

what a cute idea

Chalkboard wine bottles!

make your own chalkboard paint in any color!

Free Printable Mason Jar Labels

Painted mason jars from the inside out... SO CUTE! Also, this palette is gorge.