the new and improved teatime

Childhood memory: Had teaset that resembled this. The set was pink and when u added hot water to the cup, it became clear, and once it cool off the cup was dark pink

Alias Lou


bitchin tea set. Ok I promise not to make my grandma's like this. I'm gonna make some else's grandma mad! haha. Estate sales here I come!!! Yay! DIY tea cups.


Owl Tea Collection

Yellow Submarine tea infuser

lovely roses tea cup and saucer


ummm christine can we have tea parties with obnoxious tea cups like this.

Tea Time.

{Oh, So Darling}: Unique DIY Lighting Fixtures

a vintage touch.

cute set!

Dream omens and tea cup fortune telling. My great grandmother used to read tea leaves!

Tea for 2 set / mark huang :: @Amanda Partridge, I find this offensive that you don't have this. :P

Painted Pumpkin Tea Cup and Saucer - Roses And Teacups

Cupcake teapot