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Shasta Daisies

SHASTA DAISY: 1) Perennial 2) Blooms summer - fall 3) Blooms in clumps from 2 to 3 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide 4) Full Sun

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The 18 Best Plants for Cottage Gardens

Bellflower This tough perennial produces spikes of white or blue blooms in early and midsummer. Like most cottage garden plants, the flowers are great for cutting. Name: Campanula percisifolia Growing conditions: Full sun or part shade and well-drained soil Height: To 3 feet tall Zones: 3-8, depending on variety

Black and Blue Sage (it's actually a salvia) sun to part sun (that means partial shade in Texas) flowers from late summer to late fall, 8 feet tall and up to 3 feet wide.

Wildflower Salmon Gladiolus - 3 feet tall, spring blooming

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The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Russian Sage We can't help but love Russian sage. One of the toughest plants, it offers fragrant silvery foliage and plumes of violet-purple blooms. Taller varieties are great for the back of the border. Not only is it heat and drought resistant, but deer, rabbits, and most other pests steer clear of it. Name: Perovskia atriplicifolia Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: To 6 feet tall Zones: 5-9

Razzmatazz Daylily...perennial...full sun to part shade...18" tall...blooms summer to fall

Multicolored coleus -- shade-friendly, for when we finally do the backyard bed

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Anemone Blue and White Mixture

anemone (windflower) full-part sun, blooms, april-may, transition flower between spring bulbs and summer perenials. rock garden, perennial beds, lawn. 3-4"

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20 Best Perennials for Your Garden

perennial sage