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all my favorite movies: Disney classics! Beauty and the beast, the little mermaid, lion king, aladdin, tangled, peter pan, the princess and the frog, alice in wonderland, sleeping beauty, cinderella, 101 dalmatians, Pocahontas, lady and the tramp, hercules, tarzan, robin hod, lilo and stitch, mulan, the great mouse detective, oliver and co., hunchback, aristocats, snow white, bambi and dumbo!

The Fox And The Hound: The last Disney animated feature to simply end with a "The End; Walt Disney Productions" credit, as with all previous Disney animated films after Alice in Wonderland. (All of the credits were at the beginning.)

"I like how Disney made Meg one of the stronger girls. Afraid to fall in love again after a man basically ruined her life, and then she finally trusts someone and lets herself fall. It's more real like that. There is always someone who hurts another person and ruins it for awhile for them."

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Amanda and I pretty much nailed this on our trip. See a couple of errors on list though :( adventures by disney, disney adventures #disney

We're going to Disneyland!

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