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A couple of chemistry gals sharing what we find interesting (ohh..that's A LOT)We've been studying chemistry for 5 years and everyday something new amazes us, and we want to share it all with you!!

Scientific argument…

I don't know if I should be ashamed that I get this or ashamed that I find them hilarious.

All the good Chemistry jokes Argon

Haha remember first day of o chem it took me two minutes just to draw a hexagon. Now it's like writing a letter of the alphabet.

Math tells us three of the saddest love stories. 1. Tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever. 2. Parallel lines who were never meant to meet. 3. Asymptotes who can get closer and closer but will never be together. ---Humanizing parallel, tangential, and asymptotic lines. From #MathHumor #MathJokes

If Popular Songs Were Shakespearean Sonnets

Who are you going as?

Originally Posted By: BradOriginally Posted By: Ride-or-Fish ®Halloween is in November this year right? Yep. Between the leap year, vernal equinox and global warming, Delkus is predicting about on Nov Delkus. is that portugese?