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You can't tell me these creatures are not God's gift to lonely, heartbroken girls in their late teens/early nineties...

Tuxedo doll face persian

Persian - The Persian is perhaps the most widely recognized cat breed, known for its extremely long, fluffy coat, very stocky body type, large eyes, and flat face. Persians are available in a myriad of colors and patterns including the pointed pattern called Himalayan.

white persian kittens - so beautiful

Not only does this little guy SIT like my Persian, he also LOOKS like my Persian!!

Persian kitten. this is the cutest, sweetest kitten I've ever seen. ♥

That last face hahaha Check more at

Sensibly Chic Designs for LIfe can help you create a beautiful home that is fit for ALL the animals in your life, both 2 and 4 legged. Not sure about the elephant, though... 704-608-9424

This Baby Tapir is the Most Painfully Adorable Thing You'll See All Week

This dog is named Mango. Mango is kind of internet famous. And kind of incredibly cute.