Fine Motor Balloon Fishing!

Fine Motor Practice with Straws. These ideas will help strengthen your child's fine motor skills in fun, playful way.

All children need to jump, bounce and skip and hop,  and it isn’t very difficult to encourage them to do so! But when kids move to music, they are getting so much more than just exercise. They are developing their gross motor skills, coordination, balance, concentration and cognitive abilities. By …

Drainpipes and assorted pretend spiders

Toddler Wire Basket Sculpture- a simple invitation to create with an old wire locker basket, colored dowel rods, and pom poms. Great for fine motor with beautiful results!

How to make sensory bags for babies and toddlers...they are ridiculously easy and lots of fun.

Pipe Cleaner Fishing Game for Toddlers - easy and cheap sensory, fine motor and pretend play game

Fun fine motor activities for kids.

Preschool activity for spring - fine motor ABC match

Ball top colored pushpins for fine motor activities preschool only at

7 Lacing Activities to Build Fine Motor Skills

Sorting & fine motor

Combine color matching and water play! We encouraged fine motor skills, bilateral hand coordination, & eye-hand coordination while exploring colors. #TheSugarAunts #waterbins #waterplay #learningcolors

Ice Boats Water Play1

Toddler Fine Motor Activity @ Twodaloo

Fine Motor Beading and color sorting

water play with plastic Easter eggs

Sensory balloons

Magnet fine motor skill activity montessori inspired by AlenaSani

Fine motor skills - cut colored straws, lace string = child made jewelry ≈≈