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I like places for thngs and things in their places...next spring -- Bucket Hose Storage

Into the garden...or wonderland! What fun it would be to have an actual fence gate like this!

Put an old mailbox in the garden to hold your everyday tools. Great idea.

Love this idea..to use old doors as Garden Doors!

English style kitchen garden -- flower borders as a surround, and a variety of vegetables and herbs for cooking

Vertical garden

Love it

Ponds "They do have significant maintenance needs, so if you are avoiding growing things hoping for simplicity, other options may be better." LOL. I loved our garden pond but I had to dredge it daily from all the rocks being tossed into them, not leaving much room for the fish. Maintenance was better after I upgraded the filter. But the fish couldn't keep up with eating the mosquito larvae. Still, I miss the pond.

grow grow grow

Bean house...just walk right in and pick them.

garden art | Garden Muse

Another idea for fence gardening!

Container garden-Note the wall of food gardening, the tomatoes are on the trellis. Use indeterminate tomatoes for the trellis because they are the ones that grow large.

DREAMY....A meandering stone garden pathway invites you to explore...

Great garden boxes and trellises

One trip to the thrift shop or Habitat for Humanity and you can have a whole new look for your garden!


Creative Yard Display~ Paint the top of an old chair, remove the legs (or maybe the legs were broken) and hang it outside to create a great flower garden shelf display. This is really cool!

Like this idea -- what to do with your stump

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