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    • Karen Rose

      Trolls..the best childhood toy

    • εїз Hannah εїз Sexson

      80s girl toys | ... days with a trip down memory lane (35 Photos) » 80s-90s-toys-games-25

    • Helga Moningka McDonough

      Troll Dolls. Childhood memories

    • Jennilee Williams

      80s and 90s Toys | ... days with a trip down memory lane (35 Photos) » 80s-90s-toys-games-25

    • Human

      Trolls weren't always scary and living under a bridge. In the 90s trolls were all sunshine and rainbows! #girls #toys #trolls #dolls #colorful #90s

    • Rachel Barbieri

      Belly Button rings inspired by troll dolls! LOL! 22 Traumatic Events 90's Kids Still Can't Get Over -

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    Hell yes!

    The power is YOURS..and now the song is stuck in your head. No problem.

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    Bwahaha!!!! I can so hear that in ny head Right now!! Go home Roger!!!!!! Tehe

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    the best 90's stuff ever! from puffalumps and popples to barbie fashion cd-rom and totally hair barbie

    Spice Girls!! My favorite 90's music!

    lisa frank!! #90s my girls loved this line of products when they were small! wish I could find it for my granddaughters!

    ballerina...I used to have one of these jewerly boxes when I was a little girl!

    oh! childhood! i miss these so much! the only reason we actually stopped the ice cream truck was to get these and collect the stickers.

    Lil Miss Magic Hair

    Clarissa Explains it all! Used to watch the crap out of this show! 90s kid!!

    plastic lunchbox with matching thermos

    Apparently I'm old...

    Letting glue dry on your hand, just so you could peel it off!

    Oh my gosh!!! I made every paragraph a different color and my palms were always smearing it!

    90's Kids

    90s kid problems!!!! OMGSH this is sooo true, I used to look at them so I could sing with my britney and Christina cd's

    every bathroom had these near the tub.