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Troll Dolls


  • Karen Rose

    Trolls..the best childhood toy

  • Helga Moningka McDonough

    Troll Dolls. Childhood memories

  • Jennilee Williams

    80s and 90s Toys | ... days with a trip down memory lane (35 Photos) » 80s-90s-toys-games-25

  • Human

    Trolls weren't always scary and living under a bridge. In the 90s trolls were all sunshine and rainbows! #girls #toys #trolls #dolls #colorful #90s

  • Rachel Barbieri

    Belly Button rings inspired by troll dolls! LOL! 22 Traumatic Events 90's Kids Still Can't Get Over -

  • Kayce Shelton

    90s toys... I was obsessed with these as a kid.. kinda funny now.. they are naked and a bit creepy.

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