_PõP_of *OrÄnGë*                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ·✳︎·P̤̊o̱͠ρ͙ ტ̳̅f̰͗ C̤͐o͚̿լ̱̀º̹͛Я͎̇·✳︎·

My first try at selective coloring, the colors of the picture were pretty dull except for the orange rope, I think I like it.

blue and white

7 Creative Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Flowers

Blue on Blue ~ Blue glass bottles with blue flowers. Although, I think any color flower would be beautiful with the blue bottles. Especially white or cream. I think I just love the blue bottles, mostly.

I ❤️ COLOR AZUL INDIGO + COBALTO + AÑIL + NAVY ♡ El azul es para Sonia

El azul es para Sonia

Indigo linen table cloth with blue sewing threads…I want that polka dot pitcher!

Jonathan Bréchignac - bic pens

Jonathan Bréchignac

These Exquisite Carpet Designs Were Drawn Entirely With A Bic Pen by French graphic designer Jonathan Brechignac.

striped beach umbrellas somewhere fabulous @Stylebeat Marisa Marcantonio loves blue and white

Big Bold Stripes