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    Poor, poor children

    The last girl is my favorite & When there was Deadpool I was like HEY look its DEADPOOL!

    What a sweet little girl. Ha

    Toddlers are like drunk College Kids

    Pretty much sums up my life!

    13 Of The Funniest Things Kids Have Said To Their Teachers want more? visit -

    russell brand cracks me up

    Little Rascals all grown up --HOW DID SPANKY END UP WORKING AT WALMART????

    Favorite part!

    You will only get this if you grew up in the 90's: the girls room = mean girls.... mind blown

    Hahahaha this is too funny. Sibling rivalry at it's best

    50 most awkward pregnancy pictures. I am DYING!

    Dammit Loki you can't just knock kids over! LOL

    Haircuts Make A Difference. I actually don't like the description because your hair doesn't dictate one's personality. I have lots of piercings yet I the only thing I ever stole is a car toy in kindergarten and the regrets I felt later made me never steel again. Having long hair doesn't make someone a killer or something. It is the personality. Point. I hate judging upon the looks of someone.

    i don't even know what show or movie this is from but betty white is just terrific

    The Rebecca Black "Friday" Conspiracy...

    This is so funny!

    Me when I was a kid lol