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Chicken life in 3 pics.. lol

Chicken life in 3 pics! This is awesome! I guess those are their only choices! Run got this one right!

Cute Animals saying funny things

Cute Animals

how about some cute pet photos to make you smile and laugh! (please excuse the language on some of these.I don't know how to only pin the ones I like.some are too funny!

So which way do you cook yours?

The best summer vegetables are fresh from your garden. We have planted our own organic vegetables for years. Not only are they healthier than.

Seriously. Can't I just have One Direction? Thanks.

Can't I just have Jensen or Jared or misha or Benedict ? Thanks.

Haha Josh Hutcherson.

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Yes! The best medicine!

Always Laugh When You Can. It Is Cheap Medicine. Laughing is my favorite.

Google Image Result for http://cdn3.blogs.babble.com/family-style/files/urban-farms/1-chicken-coop.jpg

the fanciest, prettiest chicken coup i have ever seen on The Art of Doing Stuff. Don't laugh, but I seriously would love to have chickens one day.

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She's At The Gym Fitness girl is the best kind of girlfriend.Or I'm at work :P You better know this!