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She is just too much! @ biracial & mixed hair

I'm not gonna say she's sexy because she's a minor, but good god she is beautiful!zendaya coleman

layers @ biracial mixed hair

I would give my left arm for this beautiful curly hair!!

My China Doll



Perfection :)

Caucasian + African American


Jesse Williams. God yes



look at those gorgeous eyes!!

totally keeping my kids natural...

Beautiful mixed girl.

love the fall background in this portrait...

this little tip: olive oil. “I use it before I go to sleep at night and tie my hair up,” she says. “Then, when I wake up, it’s easy to manage.” She also credits washing her hair only once a week and conditioning every day for her enviable locks.

blonde @ biracial & mixed hair

i think our kids will look like her. tan skin. blonde biracial hair. light eyes. :))))

Chelsi Smith, Miss USA 1995 (Texas)...later won Miss Universe 1995


gorgeous ❤

Let my hair grow. No more cutting it...The Big Chop is done and it can only get stronger and healthier from here! (And learn to love my curls and how I look.)

Since my hair is similar to Alicia Keyes this style should be perfect for me and it is something I can do at home with rods. Tight Curls- Trying a hairstyle with rods or curlformers is another great heat free styling option for the summer.