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How To Build a Rabbit Cage (For Under $80!)

In my last post I mentioned buying a cage for your bun. Here's the issue with that. If you're going to keep your bun inside of the cage for most of the day, those cages are not large enough AND the...

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I am starting this for Winnie.. use organizer cubes as walls for a rabbit habitat. Hold walls together and carpet/grass to the floor with zip ties. Use a shower liner around the bottom to protect flooring.

Bunny condo (ME: mine is this size, and our bunny has tons of room to jump and relax. I put carpeting on one level, and stick tiles on another so he has different surfaces. This house gets many compliments!)

I would love to have a bunny for a classroom pet. My mom's kindergarten class has one and he is so good with the kids. They all work together to take care of him.

Cutie little bunny eating a carrot :) (The carrot might be photoshopped into the photo - it looks rather big for the bunny)

Aaaaahh i just want to smooch his little nose!!!!


little bunny... like my rabbit he's name uplik but already die :'(

bunny- it's almost Easter!! I saw one this morning - my lab saw it first! :) gosh it's almost sping!!! YEAH!

I had to make a board titled "Cute things" just for this picture! baby lionhead rabbit