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      Umm Kermit the frog here! Inspiration only #funfood #healthysnacks

    • Colleen McMurrer

      Kermit's Green Apples with Peanut Butter Dip. Start love for the muppets young @Monica

    • Kira Plate

      Fun food kid food

    • Kristianna Line

      Kermit's Green Apples with Peanut Butter Dip - Apples and peanut butter are a classic snack, and an unexpected treat when the apple looks like everyone's favorite frog. Kermit comes alive when you carve a green apple to look like the world famous frog and you add marshmallow eyes and a red apple slice for his mouth. Serve the apple with a tasty peanut butter dip.

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    A yummy corn tortilla quesadilla is transformed into Winnie the Pooh in this cute and nutrient packed lunch. Fresh bananas and Chobani Tots Greek Yogurt Banana + Pumpkin pouch, who can say no to real fruits and vegetables that make this a healthy choice! Created by (sp)

    A fun lunch for a Spiderman lover: Sunbutter and jelly Spiderman sandwiches, grapes, red pepper strips, a carved apple and a protein-packed Chobani Greek Yogurt Kids pouch in grape flavor. (Sp)

    Love this school lunchbox idea! Pro tip: Freeze your Chobani Kids Tubes. Throw them in your kiddo's lunchbox and guess what! They thaw our just in time for lunch and also help keep the lunch cool! Win-win! (Sp)

    My kids LOVE to find Chobani Kids Tubes packed for lunch and I love that there are 8g of protein packed into those little tubes! (Sp)

    I do love quick and easy lunchbox ideas! Chobani Kids pouches are a great source of protein to help keep the ones you live most healthy and strong. Plus – they are a perfect fit, right in their lunch. (Sp)

    Have you seen these New Chobani Tots Pouches?! The make packing up lunches for my tots a breeze!  A delicious, nutritious way to feed your little ones. (Sp)

    Have breakfast for lunch or just breakfast for breakfast!  Peanut butter and banana wraps are a filling start to the day and Chobani Kids Tubes add extra protein for a great meal. (Sp)

    Bentos are for teens and tweens too!  Pack a chef salad, an extra ham rose, fruits, and a Chobani Kids Banana Tube for a nutritious and fun lunch. (Sp)

    A berry sweet lunch for your girl, with bagels, strawberry cream cheese, fruits, eggs, and a Strawberry Chobani Kids Tube! (Sp)

    Make your preschooler a sweet Winnie the Pooh lunch that’s packed with wholesome fruits and veggies – a Chobani Tots Mango and Spinach pouch, thin-sliced celery, lightly steamed purple carrots, and mandarin orange wedges. Round out the lunch with fun finger foods like cheese circles, ham cubes and crackers. Sponsored by Chobani.

    Tots are going to love this Winnie the Pooh lunch with super cute Pooh and bee corn muffins! Add fresh fruit, a few animal crackers, and a Chobani Tots Greek Yogurt Mango + Spinach pouch, made with real fruits and veggies for the best lunch this side of The Hundred Acre Wood. Created by, sponsored by Chobani.

    With a soccer uniform jam sandwich, and plenty of greens on the side, this lunch scores a goal for both moms and kids! Throw in delicious and nutritious Chobani Greek Yogurt Mixed Berry Tubes for the win! Created by, sponsored by Chobani.

    Kids love superheroes and this Spiderman lunch is fun and packs a protein punch with a turkey and cheese sub sandwich and a Spiderman hard-boiled egg. They will love the Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt grape pouches, too. Created by, sponsored by Chobani.

    A super-hero lunch for my own super-hero! Spiderman is always a favorite and he loves the new Chobani Kids pouches, especially grape! {Sponsored by Chobani}

    Don't forget, bentos are perfect for toddler meals!  Add a Chobani Tots pouch to their favorite bite-sized bits and watch them go wild for their lunch. {Sponsored by Chobani}

    Chobani Mixed Berry Tubes are a great snack at lunch or anytime really because they're packed with 5g of protein compared to 2g in other leading kids’ yogurts. Add some emotional nutrition too with Lunchbox Love for Kids :)

    Back to school is a busy time everyone. These back to school lunch ideas should make meal planning lunches for your little people easier and less stressful. If you like bento lunches, I think you like some of these.

    It’s back to school season. Your schedule is already jam-packed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your kids a brag-worthy school lunch. Adding Greek Yogurt is a great way to plus up the protein and keep kids fuller, longer.

    Face it, sometimes there's nothing more refreshing and tasty than a frozen treat. Avoid the sugar high and serve up these simple, quick Frozen Chobani Greek Yogurt Dots! A bite sized healthy treat for your little ones, Chobani pouches boast lower sugar, 2x the protein, and deliciousness. Win, win, win.

    Getting ready for the school year can be a challenge but there's plenty of quick and easy ways to re-adjust. As always, wholesome food is great way to get your little ones feelin' ready to take on the day!

    Getting ready for the school year can be a challenge but there's plenty of quick and easy ways to re-adjust. As always, wholesome food is great way to get your little ones feelin' ready to take on the day!

    Keeping kids on track is tough, but we know good eating habits are best kept when adopted young! Check out these tips to get your kiddos on board with healthy eats, including Greek Yogurt, a staple in a healthy diet.

    Afterschool snacks that are healthy and filling but won't spoil dinner.

    Packed Lunch Box Ideas (Free Printable). Print this list out & hang on the refrigerator for easy packing!

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