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1970's I must say that little pink dress in the middle was also popular in 1968. I know, because I made it to wear at school. I was called "Babydoll" Dress.

Brush Rollers! We actually slept in these things. Pink plastic picks held them in place, and then we covered them with a hairnet.

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OOH LA LA Vintage Fishnet Stockings, Black, 1960's

Fishnet stockings in the 1960's, oh yes, we were that cool.

1968--school assembly- look at all those skirts. No jeans. Clean and combed hair. This was everyday look. This is how you dressed for school.

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Vintage 1960s Classic Wicker Purse

1960's. I still have one but it is kids size.

Girls always wore dresses to school no matter what the weather was because that was the rule. No pants were allowed until the early 70's.

We had church clothes and shoes, school clothes and shoes and play clothes and shoes-