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    Change is hard. We sometimes put off change and blame the "conditions" at the time. Be brave and move forward!

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    Dolvett Quince from Biggest Loser. Core Club and 24/7 Gym's intense weight loss program is just what you need! Sign up now at www.coreclubllc.com coreclubllc.com/... #weightloss #biggestloser #weight #loss #fitness #health #menshealth #womenshealth #coreclubllc #coreclubgym #connecticutgym #gym

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    No Perfect Conditions | Running Quotes dot Net

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    Daily motivation (25 photos)

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    Biggest Loser / #BiggestLoser / Motivation / Inspiration, I need to remember this

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    True story

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I am going to try this.

I really do

Seven Dangers... MG

So true

Ronald Reagan, a real leader.

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Talk to the elders while you can. The words are from writer Amadou Hampate Ba. The photo subject is Ethiopian.

Don't downgrade your dream

We are all about self-care here at Courage To Connect. How do you handle stress? "A diamond is a piece of charcoal that handles stress exceptionally well." #inspiration

John Steinbeck. I think truer words were not spoken. So true. Do what makes your soul rejoice.

Do not let another dictate how a woman must look. If you have curves and couldn't imagine another body, love them and flaunt it. If you're skinny and don't enjoy putting on weight, you go girl. If you think muscles and a ripped body are what's right, rock those muscles. However, if you're uncomfortable with your body: please, please, PLEASE make sure that you want to change to please you, not to appease some social idea of what a woman should be.



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Oh so True❤❤


You never know who needs to hear it.

Never look back


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