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Witch?? I don't know about that. I like to think of her as a Warrior Woman. Witch on a Friesian horse! My fave horse.

(Shadowflame) Isis and Osiris, David's two horses, are Friesians. This pic gives a really good idea of their size and strength.

There is entirely too much awesome in this picture- he has a rearing black horse and a trained hawk! WOW!

"He mounted the horse and she behind him, and before she glanced from her she was nearer sky than earth." -The Black Horse

Beware the woman who rides alone in the night on her black horse. For with her appearance comes a swift and certain death.

Side Saddle. Romantic horse photography. White horse with his lady in a green old timer Victorian looking dress and fancy hat. Just beautiful! Please also visit for colorful inspirational Art. Thank you so much! Blessings!

He loved the beauty of her untamed bliss... her wild joy... Her ecstasy was his drug... - Author Unknown. WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™ #WildWomanSisterhood #wildwomen #earthenspirit

(From another pinner) Friesian horses were used by the knights of the Middle Ages to charge into battle. They are so beautiful and majestic... (I love the long hair)

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