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Whole Brain Teaching 5 Step Lesson: Middle School Science...Not only is this a great lesson about whole brain teaching, but he is models terrific classroom management!

Edutopiafrom Edutopia

Deeper Learning: Performance Assessment and Authentic Audience

Deeper Learning: Performance Assessment and Authentic Audience from Edutopia

Team Building Activities -- scrabble race Not only do I like the activity, but I love the idea for a middle school retreat!

A rhythm lesson using animal names that turns into a round. Even though my content area is not in Music, this is a great example of classroom management. All of the students are engaged and active which is always a great way to tell if your students are learning!

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Debunking 5 Myths About Project-Based Learning

Debunking Five Myths About Project-Based Learning

Dowell Middle School "Bookloose" - awesome library promotion video! Hmmm, a great project would be to assign the drama classes to develop promotional videos for different teams, clubs or departments at school for them to use during open house...

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The Role of Mistakes in the Classroom

Great article on changing the way students think about mistakes. -Edutopia