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silly ostrich | Silly Ostrich watercolour | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This is another illustration pattern piece. I find this visually exciting, bold and different. I like the idea that they have used an ice cream on the horses head which creates a unicorn look to the horse. The colours are very bold, however they balance well so that it is not too chaotic. I am also fond of the use of different sized horse as it creates a visually pleasing composition. It is fun, quirky and fresh.

This isn't what I would want to do myself, but I do like it. I like it a lot.

Spring Floral

#Zentangle #Patterns & #Ideas


Spider glory. I was torn between this being in photography and my happy places...cause this is just beautiful.

Green snake

* * MANATEE: " When someone asks yoo if yer okay, it's alright to say, ' No.' "

Spanish Moon Moth

cat-owner-15.jpg 500×1,179 pixels

visual blessings: Key to Drawing Celtic Knots! Made easy!

Cutesy chores

Lemur's of Madagascar (Ring-Tailed) is a large strepsirrhine primate. (Family: Lemuridae)

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We can't directly experience the true texture of reality because everything we touch turns to matter. ~Nick Herbert

Cloud doodles.

Sail Away ~ artist Amelia Langford; Moleskin sketchbook, Prismacolor, pen, & watercolor

Paisley and Brown Paper: Not Sure What To Call This Post...

Jael Thorp's small polymer compositions combine caning and mosaic and texturing in intense formations. Every space is beautifully covered. There's a tiny bit of collaboration cane from Ivy Niles (IKandiClay) in these busy scenes. My favorite is the stones and stream-themed shape. Lo


# Pendentif - Wind Song by Dumauvobleu, via Flickr

Beautiful hanging lamp doodle. Looks like a scrolled ironwork brace, overgrown with vines, and lantern with candle - so you can find your way home.

imaginer le votre.... Hélène EM JoozArt: REGENBOOG