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    • Emrys

      Whenever Mycroft says something nasty to anyone, take a big indignant chug. | The "Sherlock" Drinking Game

    • Erika Williamson

      Mrs. Hudson: It's a disgrace, sending your little brother into danger like that. Family is all we have in the end, Mycroft Holmes. Mycroft: Oh shut up, Mrs. Hudson. John and Sherlock: D:< MYCROFT! Mycroft: ...Apologies. Mrs. Hudson: Thank you. Sherlock: Though do in fact shut up.

    • Vaichi

      ~ #BBCSherlock I love how protective they are.

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    I'm really interested by their body language in the pictures. In season 1, there's a lot of space between Benedict and Martin, and Martin has his arms crossed, signifying slight discomfort (though he could just be cold). Season 2, they're closer and have more open body language, showing they're more comfortable with each other. Season 3, they're in each other's intimate space (very close - touching), showing they're very close and comfortable with each other. I love it!

    *spoilers* Angry John. Gah i just realized he punched his teeth and nose!! <---Does that mean that (for those moments) John didn't love him anymore?

    Don't mess with John Watson, MD!

    I love how John reassures Sherlock in the last one. He says of course Sherlock, you are my best friend. Because Sherlock doesn't quite believe anyone would care enough about him to call him their best friend. But John does.

    When I heard this for the first time, couple of years ago in TV, I got chill running down on my spine. Those words actually haunted me for months. Add the fact that the last episode of the season was actually showing Mycroft's (seemingly) willingness to sacrifice his brother and his calmness at the end of it...

    Sherlock: Reaction, or lack thereof, to being asked to be John's best man. When this happened I could not contain myself I thought it was so adorable

    Of course he goes by Mycroft. No one would ever trust all the secrets of the free world with some guy named Mikey.

    Can we just talk about how Molly was the first person to pop in his mindpalace when Mary shot him,he could have thought of John to help him but no he thought of Molly.

    I imagine that they would play hospital when they were kids and Mycroft would be the surgeon and would make Sherlock play the nurse. I also imagine Sherlock making this face a lot as a kid.

    Something I made and originally posted on another site. I want to do another version that includes RDJ and Johnny Lee Miller. :)

    doyoudopoison: Valentines day is coming up.Remember going to the shops to buy those horribly tacky cartoon character cards for your school friends? Ive just saved you the time. Nothing says “I love you” better than a sociopath. Dear god. This isnt how I was meant to spend my afternoon.THE TACKINESS IS MEANT TO BE ~*IRONIC*~But I’m not sorry.

    Mycroft Holmes. I wish I could look evil like this, I've tried.