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    • Mer MacLachlan

      High-Heeled Foot in the Door: DIY Chevron Rug. Instruction on how to make your own area carpet with canvas fabric, a drop cloth, and rug gripper. Her total cost for a 55.00 for a 5 x 8 carpet.

    • Cynthia Stevens-Walston

      High-Heeled Foot in the Door: DIY Chevron Rug-Get a custom DIY Rug! Super Easy-Excellent tutorial!

    • DIY Home Decor Blogs

      Effortless Style Blog - LIVING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS - How to make a rug out of fabric!

    • Shalaine Johnson

      DIY Canvas Chevron Rug

    • Anya Galli

      DIY canvas floor rug

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    DIY 30 Minute Artwork Canvas - Life On Virginia Street. Can't believe this was created with $.69 acrylic craft paint!

    Clean your upholstery on the cheap with this super easy DIY car cleaner. It brightens even the dingiest seats, and costs only pennies to make!

    How to Escape from Zip Ties. Good to know, and probably a good thing to teach your kids as well

    Bye-Bye Blackheads

    Neat alternative to pinatas. A punch box for party favors - its like the price is right game!

    Take about a tablespoon of baking soda + your personal face wash and scrub your face liberally with it. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with face towel. There’s absolutely no stinging or smell - just baby soft skin! AMAZING trick that get you spa-like complexion without spending any $$$. Try this trick out and let me know what you think!

    Wedding-day white teeth! My dentist actually told me about this. Use a little toothpaste, mix in one teaspoon baking soda plus one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, half a teaspoon water. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. Remember to do it once a week until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using the whitening treatment once every month or two.

    Cinnamon in the Sandbox - It keeps the bugs away! I knew cinnamon repelled ants... but I never thought of this! Brilliant!

    Games 20 Ideas-games and treats For Parties

    This site tells you how to fix ANYTHING in your house! One day I'll be happy that I pinned this :D

    Cat door in the wall to your garage - litter box on the garage side #tips and #tricks

    Mounting your TV so that no cords hang down the wall. Seriously did not know it was that easy!

    Pinner said: Note to self...if you ever build or remodel - use recessed outlets so that the plugs don't stick out from the wall. This allows furniture to be flat against the wall. THIS IS SO GENIUS I WANT TO SCREAM.

    songs from youtube

    Painting laminate counter tops to make them look like stone with out the high price tag! I might need this some day

    I am never buying white strips again!: dip q-tip in hydrogen peroxide (the key ingredient in whitestrips) and apply to surface of teeth for 30 sec before brushing teeth) once a day for a few days. My teeth looked noticeably whiter after doing this only 2x

    Interesting list...might need to remember these

    simple add-on to make cabinets look custom

    how to paint the door...and NOT the hinges

    Biotin makes hair and nails grow fast and thick. It's good for your skin and gives it a pseudo-tan glow all year long. It also helps prevent grays and hair loss.

    Clean windows, sills and tracks--dish soap, water, vinegar.

    De-tarnish ALL your silver ALL at once... line your sink with aluminum foil, add 1/2 c table salt, 1/2 c. baking soda, fill with hot water, then dump in all your silver! Let sit for about 30 min. The tarnish all transfers to the foil! Thanks, Susan Branch!

    Powdered oxygen bleach, a scrub brush and some water are all you need to make tile and grout look like new.

    How to Clean Pillows. Good to know!