Vintage Avon pins and lipgloss....I had quite a few of these!

Stick Pins! Super important accessory for your cowl neck sweater!

Lip Lickers lip balm.


Avon perfumes for little girls.

Sunshine Family Tree House. Had it and loved it

penny lipgloss

This was a favorite

Avon perfume pin...I had it. Lol they call it vintage now. I never knew it was from Avon.

Heaven Sent

Avon honeysuckle perfume stick. I had forgotten about these. Loved the honeysuckle.

Avon lip gloss - Tutti Frutti

Avon hamburger lipgloss. ~~I had one.

Rainbow heart name pins! I still have mine. :)

had these

Vintage Avon lipstick sample kit. i remember the kit being larger than this. of course when youre between the ages of 3 and 8, everything seems larger than life. i loved these! (whether or not i was ALLOWED to play with them is another story, lol!) i miss these

Avon lipgloss

Vintage Tupperware: We had the pitcher not only in orange but brown too

Vintage Curler Pins

This was my scent in the 80s!

avon cookie lipgloss!