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Oh yeah....

Going down the huge slides on burlap sacks

Jelly Jar Glasses. I loved drinking Tang out of these ;)

sweat bands

We all had a pair!

Rainbow kids TV show. My children had Rainbow badges, and a signed photo of the team.

Rainbow Brite :)

Rainbow Care Bears Shirt: 80s Cartoons Care Bears T-shirt

Rainbow Punch Kool-Aid

Vintage. 80s Neon Swimsuit. SOOOOOOO wanted a "cut out" bathing suit, but my mom wouldn't let me because they were "too revealing." [chuckles ironically]

summer in the eighties

Loved these!

Remember these?

Oh My Gosh - I had this exact belt!

Popular toys from the 80's

Riding bikes all around the neighborhood with friends.

I was the queen of the banana clip

Accessories for any 80s kids

cinnamon toothpicks... Loved these!

Oh so 80's. The Rainbow decade

1970's Tupperware