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Oh yeah....

Loved my Barbie Camper

Going down the huge slides on burlap sacks

A rainbow of 80's toys...minus the buzz light year.

Vintage. 80s Neon Swimsuit I remember my dad asking me where the rest of the bathing suit was when I showed him this one...

Jelly Jar Glasses. I loved drinking Tang out of these ;)

Rainbow kids TV show- I think I remember this, but not enough to really remember, lol

sweat bands

Rainbow Care Bears Shirt: 80s Cartoons Care Bears T-shirt

Loved these guys

Rainbow Punch Kool-Aid

Oh so 80's. The Rainbow decade

Loved these!

Rainbow heart name pins

Rainbow Shoe laces

Wore these a lot! 80's Banana Clips - 80's Womens Hair Clips Accessories - Funwirks.com

rainbow bright

The struggle of trying to keep your T-shirt clip tight.

Everyone had the handle sticking out of their back pocket!

Flashdance, Kelly Kapowski and most every other girl in the 80s liked the off the shoulder cut-up mens sweatshirt. 80sTees.com has brought it back for you.

I remember these....