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  • Megan Zasadny

    LMAO! There is one person in particular that is in my life that I wish was not. If it would not create a fight for my husband I would be all over this saying. I can't stand stupid people.

  • April Conger

    Unfortunately, this makes me laugh. Mostly, it is the truly "stupid" people that get their feelings hurt. They make poor decisions and careless mistakes without a care in the world of what they set in motion, but the minute you call them stupid..... Sometimes, the truth hurts!

  • Norma Schick

    it would be funny if it wasnt so true

  • Brittany Peterson

    Sometimes I want to just say this, to some people.

  • Lydia Stevens

    Bahahahaha! (ecards, i really thought you already knew, hurt feelings)

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