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    Me. everyday.

    the struggle is real.

    Free, Congratulations Ecard: Congratulations on successfully performing a basic task of life which the rest of the world performs daily and without expectation of praise.


    This worth pinning twice! Ha ha ha


    Its so true....

    LOLOL! omg!

    All day. Everyday.

    Haha, so true!

    I would tell you to go to hell but I work there and don't want to see you everyday.

    Hahahaha. True that!

    Don't you go complicating a perfectly good Friday with work matters that can clearly be ignored until next week.

    Yup! :)

    or beat it on your hand.

    Holy Fuckballs! Is this day over yet? | eCards

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    Not sure if in a bad mood, or everyone is being annoying. haha I feel this way quite a bit!

    Remember that!

    so true

    funny stuff!