Girl Scout Brownie Pets Badge. Check out the requirements in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting. Girl Scout badges only $1.50.

Follow The Leader: Brownie "Senses" Badge. This woman hits it out of the park!

Cute idea for a girl scout's journal.

Girl Scout Brownie Pets Badge. Whether they're cute and cuddly, or slimy and scary, pets are so much fun. If you hope to have a pet someday, use this badge to learn how to choose the pet that's right for you—and make sure it stays happy and healthy. Or find out how to take the best care of a pet you already have!

Wow! Girl Scout Crafts

The Badge Matcher will help you find art and craft activities that meet some of the requirements for Girl Scout badges and Brownie Try-Its

This Girl Scout leader wrote up a good guide for troops working on the Letterboxing badge

girl scout plate

Girl Scout Leader 101: Brownie The Girl Scout Way

From daisy girl scout vest to messenger bag.

Girl Scout Brownie Making Friends Badge. Friends are another kind of family. They're the people you have fun with and who help you when you need it. Try this badge to learn how to make new friends, keep old friends, and be the best Brownie friend you can be.

Girl Scout SWAP Banners-great way to display them and keep them safe. This is a great idea. I wonder if we can make them at day camp this summer.

Girl Scout Leader 101: Brownie Badge: First Aid

Brownie Try It Requirements & Ideas ~ this is Great if you don't have the book, you do now!

Brownie Senses badge - how to fulfill the requirements. This shows how this badge can be earned at summer camp or a Girl Scout troop campout.

Complete Requirements For all Levels of Girl Scout Badges.

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Girl Scout Brownie Making Games Badge. You can have fun without a computer, a deck of cards, or even a ball. Games are everywhere when you use your imagination to make them up! Try this badge, and you and your friends will never be bored again.

Excellent for activities and filler ideas - COmputer Expert Badge also....Things to Do with Girl Scout Brownies Volunteer Resource Guide

Girl Scout Badge planning guides to help new and seasoned leaders work their way through the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting with ease