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Make from one wire hoop with another to form the crescent. Wrap and crochet the wire. Add some architectural element (wood-burnt thin wood?) to bite of moon. Could also be done with beads and wire for crescent moon - lots heavier! Dangles would be on wire or beading thread, with bead ends of stars.

This reminds me of the music video for "Little Talks" by "Of Monsters and Men"

Can someone find this tree for me and build me a tree house please? Then uproot it and plant it in my yard...

"Get Down Here" - Lisa Chow (I'm in love with her work!)

Such a cute print! I can't decide if the house is adorable or menacing, but I like it nevertheless! :)

this makes me think of my boyfriend and the mixes he makes me. it's such a sweet little print.

Lisa Chow - "Baucis". A city of stilts and ladders

this is a great image and lovely way to illustrate the sustainable nature of the housing