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    How to make a DIY no sew crash mat for kids - great for kids with autism and/or sensory processing disorder! from And Next Comes L

    AngelSense - This is a device to use that is real time tracking. If a child goes missing, you dont know most times until they are too far or a long period of time goes by. This is live updates and notifications and has 'zones' and if your child leaves these 'zones' you are immediately alerted.

    I made my own handmade version of this. I put in an envelope in my wallet a photo, age and explaining they are autistic and one is non verbal and the other can speak but wont speak in case of an emergency. I put contact numbers if I was ever non responsive to an EMT.

    Communication books. This would be a great idea for me to do my own data collection on for P's communication. First step in making the case for a dynavox if the data shows him doing well with this kind of assisted communication.

    A similar idea but not crochet. Making the little embellishments so it can be known to Q as her "Unikitty scarf." The soft material to help when shes overwhelmed sensory wise but cool if I tweeked this to Princess Unikitty from the Lego Movie

    For Sensory sensitive ones: a hooded scarf. Making this for Q out of her certain minky fabric she needs to help calm. Pockets lined and all.

    Rita Pierson's TED talk called "Every kid needs a champion."

    "I expect progress." Have measurements that are just that...measurable. NOT objective goals based on one's opinion that the child has reached.

    One step at a time. Keep moving (even when regression happens) for movement any way means progress is coming or it's already happening.

    Seems crazy, I know....but using this concept for a sensory bed fort. Hula hoops mounted to the bed frame with a fabric (twin sheets) placed over.

    These are so easy to do with pillows and cases. They can fold into chairs, loungers, beds, or make a fort with two of them. All in the link. Great and cheap for some extra cozy for their bedroom. Fill them with beans for the snug feeling.

    let the children play: take music play outside: part 2. It's literally having your backyard a gross motor wonderland. The connection with music and motor is fantastic. Great ideas on this post.

    What Kind of Dog Is That? - Great infographic on types of dog roles. Companion, therapy and service

    What can Dogs Do? A printable adapted book - Using a dog for modeling and making social stories. Another way to generalize and piece together speech and relationships

    The Mastiff. Loving and laid back. Great therapy dog choice.

    Therapy dogs. Mastiff breed is a large one but their disposition and their reputation for being very calm are a great choice. They can handle the hugs and cuddles and are extremely loving.

    Therapy dogs. :)

    Think your dog might make a great therapy dog? This breaks down the process from training to certification.

    "I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source."

    Such a great way to help people in need, with dogs. It's amazing what petting a dog can do for a person...

    A nicer looking visual schedule for a bedroom "command center"

    This kind of visual schedule "command center" makes so much more sense. I will be doing something similar in both of my babes' rooms.

    For P's costume, I am going to do it all feltwork on the hood itself. No dangling teeth. Just cut the triangles and attach to the red strip. Then attach the piece as one along the edge on the hood. No fin to bother him either. Pair with jersey sweats. Halloween our way for P :)

    Sensory friendly costume ideas. I am going to do this except the tail accessory. Even the teeth will be put on the hood itself so they dont dangle at all. Red strip and then the triangles for teeth on the actual hood. Dont fight with the sensory. :)

    Emergency Safety Children's Temporary Tattoos! These are great. It's just the part of application that is still tricky with Mr. P. But once its on, it stays put. Rubbing can only do so much. Still, its a great thing :)