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F.W. Woolworth Co. Had one in downtown Tuscaloosa and when we went shopping, Daddy would always take us to lunch at the lunch counter

Seattle Woolworth Building. We loved shopping at Woolworths (we called it the "dime store" when we were kids...wood floors, all the items for sale were in divided bins (no bubble packs like today). It always smelled like fresh popcorn. Sometimes we'd eat lunch at the lunch counter.

F.W. Woolworth Co. Lunch Counter Menu

Woolworth's lunch counter. One of my favorite things in the world as a kid!

Woolworth's was our "walmart". The best candy section of any store then.

Five and Dime....Woolworth's sold a little bit of everything, including hamsters and Evening in Paris perfume

WOOLWORTH'S Lunch Counter Menu 1970... I'll just get the roast turkey dinner.

I remember the lunch counter at Woolworths and begging mom for a cheeseburger, fries and ice cream float! :-)

woolworth co. I would go with my grandmother shopping, and my treat was to go to Woolworth's Counter to have lunch. A hamburger and a coke! What a great experience!

Drug Store and five & dime signs and menus, I remember this, it was at Woolworth's lunch counter

Bubble bath in decorative plastic bottles. I had a pink kitty cat that I loved long after it was empty.

Stores had lunch counters, the one's in my area were Newberry's and Woolworth's