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How to Mend a Broken Spirit

by Angela Brown
After a traumatic event, people can sometimes feel as though there’s no hope. Also, life’s daily problems pile up and a way out can often seem impossible. Mending a broken spirit, however, is possible if you set your mind and heart to it. Focus on the positive attributes of your life and yourself to...
  • Dolores Coughlin

    my greatest success in life is

  • Arisa Jenkins

    Mending broken spirit

  • Lapis Safeiros

    How to Mend a Broken Spirit -- "“The first action is to state your desire,” says May Sinclair, author of the book “Just How Do Affirmations Work?” She adds, “The second is to believe it is possible to have your desire fulfilled. The third is for you to be willing to actually have your desire fulfilled.”"

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Wake up with laughters, go to bed with smiles.

Be good, but more importantly do good. You may never be perfect, but then again few among us are . . . And, well those who think they are perfect? Hmmmmm perhaps they need our help the most.

Lord Jesus, heal me. Heal in me whatever you see needs healing. Heal me of whatever might separate me from You. Heal my memory, heal my heart, heal my emotions, heal my spirit, heal my soul. Lay Your hands gently upon me and Heal me through Your love for me. Amen.

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Tears have a wisdom all their own. They come when a person has relaxed enough to let go & work through his sorrow. They are the natural bleeding of an emotional wound, carrying the poison out of the system. Here lies the road to recovery - F. Alexander Magoun

Scripture This scripture depicts the Holy Spirit as rain that cleanses us. I think the picture of the woman in the rain is a good way to illustrate this verse because it looks like she is opening herself to the rain and therefor being open to God and the Holy Spirit. It also brings a connection between baptism (water) and confirmation which completes baptism.