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  • Random Person

    This has to be the most amazing animal in the whole ocean. Whale shark= largest fish in the world. Has no teeth and feeds on plankton and small fish. And simply beautiful.

  • marry Malika

    funny animals - #Whale Shark by #Justin Spray #whale #symbiosis #shark #ocean #life #fish #sea #deep #amusing #pictures #joke #funny - Funomenia

  • Megan

    animals, sharks, whale sharks, marine life, sea life

  • Morgan Culp

    whale shark by source. I always thought whale sharks are one of the most beautiful sea creatures.

  • Megan Austin

    whale shark ... It's on my bucket list to go swimming with one one day :)

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The water refracts the light so that it looks bent. Interestingly, the photo also shows a shark that is moving the in the same direction as that line is. This creates a great sense of unity. It shows that the subjects of the photo are unified in motion.

When I was little I picked one of these up because I didn't now what it was! It never stung me

Sea horses - who is not a sucker for a itty bitty baby seahorse?

Whale Shark--from above and without comparison looks average size.

Gorgeous betta. Photo by marisol.

Everyone has a lot going on in there lives these days but it is important to take a step back and realize the beauty of God's creations and how even something as small as a fish can look so incredible.

Whale shark no matter what they do or how they look I always thing sharks look beautiful

Whale Shark feedin by OrigamiKid via Flickr

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Whale shark - Even though huge sharks which can range from 20' to 45' plus feet are really harmless to people, since their diet consists of algae, plankton and krill. They don't have the teeth their meat eating cousins have.