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"I'm not beautiful like you. I'm beautiful like me"... appreciate your unique beauty. #quote #self #image #inspiration absolutely love this.

SO true.... It all starts from within. Practice pratyahara and discover what thoughts you might have that are holding you back.. Then meditate on letting them go. #theeightlimbs #8limbs #yoga #yogalife #yogaoffthemat #yogaeverydamnday #meditation

This is the hardest thing to do, but if you do it you see beauty when you thought there was only ugly.

This reminded me of the time @Susan Caron Tervola was enjoying my passion for Harry Potter. Seriously, it was so nice for once to instead of have someone say "OMG, you're a geek" and walk away, to say "WOW, you're a nerd - but I wish I could be as excited about anything as you are about Harry Potter." I'm not sure if you knew it then, but you totally made my day/week/life. :)

I'm far from perfect but I love the person I am, the husband I married, and the perfect son we have! My life is great and that's what matters most :)