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  • Inese Auzina

    Only 6 Key Multiplication Facts to Learn - a way to learn the multiplication tables

  • Alissa Fender

    How To Learn Times Tables - I would have never thought that these six numbers would be all I really need. Good info for those with kids getting ready to start learning multiplication.

  • Amy Brasier

    Only 6 Key Multiplication Facts to Learn - learning times tables

  • elisha watkins

    How To Learn Times Tables Fast - for when the kids learn it! Holy shit I see the pattern now

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Helpful video at the end of the article for using your hands to figure multiplication for 6 - 10s (ex. 6x6 all the way through 10 x 10)

Love this concept. I still use it to this day when I get a bit confused. Also, the numbers are inverse of themselves. 2x9= 18 9x9=81 Once you get to 45 and 54, you go backwards in reverse from there. I know, confusing, but it can help.

Come Together Kids: Cool 9 Times Tables Trick

As we started practicing the times tables, I remembered this cool trick I'd learned years ago.  I showed my daughter and she thought it was really helpful, so she agreed to be my hand model.  Many of you might know it already, but if not, it's a good little tip to have in your bag of homework helping tricks!

Times Table Worksheet – 2-12 Times Tables – Two Worksheets

This is just a freebie chart that students can study by. It can even be used as a bookmark. They can study on the bus, home, where ever!For o...

Each time your student passes their times table factor they get an ice cream scoop, until they get 12 scoops. Then they get an Ice Cream Sundae or Rootbeer Float!!

Calculate the 6,7,8,9 multiplication tables using your fingers. Complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's amazingly quick.

OMG this actually works! mind=blown

AMAZING number of free worksheets! Some plain and some cute. Math, English, Science, Preschool, etc.

Come Together Kids: Cool 9 Times Tables Trick