boxed water is better - super cool

shadow box tins

Herbalist & Alchemist Branding by Chad Michael

I don't know if "Boxed Water Is Better" - but the packaging people are brilliant for making bottled water look lame and this packaging chic.

Designer: Matija Blagojevic


Perfect packaging!

soooo i found this in my fridge today. and i was like "WHAT?" but then i was like "COOOOL!" and i know this sounds weird but it's good. like you know how water has different tastes.

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:: PACKAGING :: BLK. BEVERAGES Brilliant Canadian Pure Spring Water & Black, love the packaging, simple and creative. #packaging

Coffee cup to go! Love it!

sick! water. I really like the antipodes bottle.

Milk- love this


takeaway beer

Black Water — Designer Unknown

polygon coke

Busta con i manici creativi! PD

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