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T-Shirt Quilt pattern, will need this in the future

Love the craziness of this baby clothes quilt, will be a sweet reminder of the crazy days that are passing too soon

T-shirt quilt that is not even blocks and rows. This is what I want my t-shirt quilt(s) to look like when I finally make them.(So glad I found this!!! I've been looking for something to do with all those old t-shirts!)

Giving kids a schedule for playtime, chores and summer homework

Every kid has a little mad scientist hiding inside of them. Here are 10 crazy concoctions you can whip up at home to satisfy their need to explore and create.

T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial

If you have always wanted to do this now you have a template via Word.

Bible-based approach for discussing sex, drugs, dating, drinking, and gossiping with tweens (ages 9-12).

DID YOU KNOW... If sent to address by Dec 10th, you can get a REAL postmarked letter from the North Pole from the USPS??? ♥Instructions are here

sayings for every candy bar - I'm sure I'll be glad I pinned this one day.

This is how I learned my multiplication facts and still use it to this day!!- cool finger trick to remember any multiplication fact for 6-10

Wow... I don't how this guy figured this out, but he is a genius. Trick to multiplication tables 6X6 and above... I knew tricks for 9s, but not 6s, 7s, and 8s!! Cool!

Homemade lava lamps. Vegitable oil, a about 3/4th of the water bottle, then water. 10 drops of food coloring. Then take a alkaseltzer tab and break it into 4 pieces. Drop one in at a time and wait for each to dissove! So cool! I cant wait to try it!

Turn Children's Art Into Tea Towels- way easy...Christmas gifts...Grandparent gifts

GENIUS!!! an app that photographs and archives your kids' art, and then you can print a coffee table book of the collection.

Science Fair: Parent’s Guide to Science Fair Projects (Photo: Getty Images)

Checkout this great post on Cool Science Fair Projects!


The 25 Coolest Science Experiments

A website dedicated to science experiments using candy.

A hilarious list of things one mom uses when her kids leave their stuff out all over the house. Seems like a lot more fun than nagging! Love this I am SOOOOO doing this! (but i might make the hubby draw from this a few times too lol)

WOW! This site has a massive list of book units that all come complete with online or printable chapter tests and activities with pictures and/or links. This makes it so easy to put together a literature unit study around a book. Titles range from Magic Tree House books to Hoot to The Indian in The Cupboard and so on.

Rules for my little boy

Caramel apple bar.. topping ideas are endless

20 things a mother should tell her son