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get the time machine!! I would have it as carpet as well so that I could roll all over the floor ahaha HOW FUN !!!

Um Miss, I think your eyebrows are trying to escape.

I'm not sure what's creepier, the kids blank expression or the way the dummy is eyeballing the kid like he's going to be the real boy...

Nana Anne and Papa Ted always loved their day at the fall fair. So much so, that they reenacted it for everyone at the yearly family Christmas dinner for all to enjoy. The End

Awkward family photos description was: "All she wanted was a tire change, but she ended up with so much more." What the hell?! ...That's a terrible idea.

"Thinking of Me" Yeah this awkwardfamilyphot... is making me laugh so hard I am crying.

This site is dedicated to all of those awkward family photos. I couldn't stop scrolling through. Hilarious.