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I just want to read books all day in this room.

I love how it's built into the stairs! quite different. would the stove get the wood too hot???

snow flurries outside. cup of tea in hand with a good book in my lap. soothing music in the background. and maybe a couple of dogs and cats. plus my loves all lounging around with me.

Stunning white room. Love the wood ceiling!

I really want my kitchen nook to have a bench like this--don't love the table or the accessories but it's the right shape for my space! Love this!

And it was there they found her: wrapped in a plush throw, the Jane Austen novel resting next to her, as she slept peacefully.

so glad to finally see a nighttime interior picture! When I buy a house, I want to make sure the colours and furniture I choose fit every season and every second of everyday.

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