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What do you think...bad parenting??? Or teaching the kid to be brave? I would have to go with bad parenting, but that's just me.

Not quite what Rosie expected, when she wished she had some roast beef....

Classic advertising includes give your baby a razor? Yes... a real #ad check it out!

Another evil looking kid. Maybe she's plotting to kill her mom for serving such gross looking food. What are those orange lumps? Potatoes??

Image detail for -Creepy vintage ad for pork (France)

The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time oui oui, avoir une tranche de ma délicieuse ventre!

Crown Roast of Frankfurters - Attempts to elevate frankfurters to elegance is endlessly amusing. As if arranging them at rigid attention in some ceremonial circle is going to detract from the fact that the consumer is, in fact, eating hot dogs. And, what happens when you move one of the structural franks? Does the whole concoction collapse in a cole slaw soaked heap? It's like bad food Jenga.

Collage - (photo montage, cut and paste, chop, scene, scenery, mountain, mountains, cliff, cliff-side, beautiful, range, horizon) -

This is an old ad for Wrigley's gum. This is the type of gum her and Jem found in the tree.

Meat Industry in the USA, Rib Roasts on Shelves and Butcher Making a Selection or Choice Photographic Print by Ralph Crane at

what the...?? yeah...I think I'll pass on parties at her house. Not that big a fan of toast.