• Max Frankie

    3/20/15 God told me that Denise really hurt Chaz as he grew up once she had Ashlynd and until Randy blew her world apart she wasn't very good to him :( .. and Rochelle reminded me that she gave him a bruise when we were last there and I had said to my mom and Denise I didn't like the way she was treating him and I hated how Ashlynd was allowed to run in his room and touch his stuff but Chaz was made to stay out of her room and my mom admitted she didn't treat him well and she didn't know why and she didn't like the way she treated him and when we came home we discussed confronting Denise but we knew with us living out of town there was no way she would continue to let us be in his life if we did confront her and they she would lie about why we were out of their lives (hmmmm sound familiar?!) and the last phone call I had with her was after the last trip, we had just gotten home and she called me on the phone with a weird attitude and asked me about moving the pictures of seashells on the wall in her bathroom WTF and I didn't know what she was even talking about but even if I did understand her asinine questions who fucking cares!?! and she said something about Chaz doing it if I didn't like he was in trouble if it wasn't me so I said I probably did but didn't realize it and then she rudely hung up. The next call was with her and Rochelle and again a weird attitude and she told Rochelle she was letting Ashlynd go over to the neighbor's house whose daughter supposedly molested Ashlynd badly and play unattended and when Rochelle asked Why because why would you let your little girl play by herself with the girl who supposedly molested her badly and she told Rochelle, 'Because I am turning the other cheek!" and Rochelle told me later that day I am done with that woman! and it was because of those two things with her children. She already felt she despised her because she felt she was racist and a hypocrite and we knew from my dad before that last trip that Denise has talked serious shit---all untrue and so hurtful and insulting--about us and this was the final straw with her. I took a 3-year break because we were going through hell and I couldn't accept the way she treated her children, that she would stab us in the back for no valid reasons either and then we both decided to forgive her and give her another chance and see if we could interact with the kids and she was obnoxious to Rochelle on the phone and turned her off and when Chaz and I talked we were having a good talk and then he got weird with me and then I heard Denise talking in the background and he suddenly had to cut me off and get off the phone which I knew Denise did and after that when we called our calls went to vm and she never called us back. End of story till November 2015. And she hasn't changed and is now also an alcoholic. I don't think she treated Chaz good at all but then was emotional with him and nice to him because she leaned on him after Randy left her and hurt her so badly but this was not healthy for him either and then she checked out and also became an alcoholic. So, she has really hurt him bad and Randy, Denise, Erin and the church have really hurt his understanding of who Jesus really is to him.

  • Maribeth Samenus-Chambers

    So true. Just spell wisely. Words, not word's.

  • Tara Rose

    funny parenting quotes - Google Search

  • Jessica M.

    The sad truth. Child Abuse Awareness. Help us restore faith and rebuild hope for abused and neglected children. Visit to learn how you can help today.

  • Rianna Tonn

    Truth. Need to remember this.

  • Nahil Sherzoy

    Children vs. Adults So True

  • Elaine Lightsey true. words

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