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FREAK FRUIT de Sneha Sankar

During my exchange semester in France, I had the opportunity to indulge in some divine fruit. There's something about the freshness and exuberance of European produce that makes the taste so worthwhile.I decided to tell this story through a project I be&


El minimalismo de Jason Munn

the art room plant: Emma Davies

Emma Davies is a Melbourne based designer who works with polypropolene packaging, there is a great interview with her here .

Polish illustrator, Agata Dudek's homepage.

Polish illustrator, Agata Dudek's homepage.

From Journey to the End of the Night by  Louis-Ferdinand Céline“My one and only chicken, bequeathed to me by  Robinson, dreaded the noon hour the same as I did, he’d go back in with  me. For three weeks the chicken lived with me like that, following me  like a dog, clucking constantly, seeing snakes wherever he went. One day  of extreme boredom, I ate him.”     Suggested by Christopher Yurkanin, a friend to Chickens in Literature Illustration © Ande Cook

ande cook: Trout and Easter in a Night Landscape 24 x 36 oil pastel on paper