Seahorse skeleton::::natural geometry.

Snake skeleton.

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A Shark's Skin Under an Electron Microscope

sea turtle

Octopus by alissa

Jean Painleve - L’Hippocampe 1934

Sea dragon with full tummy - amazingly beautiful!

Seahorse Watercolor Art

Seahorses Curled Up Photograph - Seahorses Curled Up Fine Art Print

Coccolithophores are microscopic algae that first appeared 220 million years ago, and flourished during the cretaceous period. They produce peculiar plates called cocoliths out of calcium carbonate, and incorporate them into an external shell. They constantly remove carbon from the atmosphere as they die and sink to the ocean floor, producing chalk. Thanks guys, you're gorgeous!

Fire and Blood

Portuguese Man of War tentacles

Lined Seahorse, Facebook: Anna Maria Island Beach Life #annamariaisland

Pregnant male seahorse.


Purple Sea Horse

ℒᎧᏤᏋ this silver Seahorse Bracelet!!!! ღ💜ღ