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  • Brooke Laux

    Angry Verbs! Classroom ideas :)

  • Caitlin Porterfield

    Angry verbs board - teaching kids about verbs! I think I'm going to do "Angry Birds Learn Their Verbs!" and that way it will make sense that the verbs themselves aren't angry words. Opening bulletin board next year!

  • Jaspreet Dhingra

    Angry verbs board - teaching kids about verbs! This activity could be used for ages as low as preschool, kindergarten through 4th are also grades which that activity can be used. Students can each design there own angry bird which they will write a sentence incorporating a verb. This activity gives students a chance to use their art skill with color and cutting, along with language art skills, with learning what verbs are and how to use them.

  • Alli Krohn

    Angry verbs board - teaching kids about verbs! I'm not a teacher but such a cute idea for any teacher friends out there

  • Janelle Turino

    Angry verbs board - teaching kids about verbs! For all my teacher friends! This would be excellent esp right now with angry birds being so popular

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