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Instead of saying someone is 'Single' as a marital status... I think it would be better to say 'Independently Owned and Operated'

Some people say your character is who you are when you are under stress, I would disagree. I would say it matters more how you treat people, that shows who you are.


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I hope I'll be the prettiest hell you'll be in..

Sometimes we don't know what someone is really thinking or how much they're truly hurting. It's a very profound realization. Sometimes you don't know who has eaten that day, or who won't. Perhaps what they're going through while all along they're smiling and pretending their life is okay. If you just stop and try to think what the other person is feeling, it's possible we could all live peacefully. But it's truly a hard notion for people to comprehend.

Karma----and she will be filled with love and diseases and be a materialistic bitch that cheats on you and gives you std's! Good luck with that!

People change -Exactly how I feel! I'd rather get hurt with the truth than comforted by a lie