Mark Wahlberg // Rockstar movie end credits he says: "no more metal shit, its all about hip hop, its all blig blig, pinky ring, all about bling bling!! no more this: \m/"

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg...just walking outside one morning in his undies on the phone....OMG!!!

Mark Wahlberg

mark,mark,mark....! He seems to get bettter w age!

Mark Wahlberg

leonardo dicaprio

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Mark!!

Mark Wahlberg..

Mark Wahlberg

;) marky mark!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mark Ruffalo

Johnny Knoxville looks damn good here...

McDreamy McYummy!

Shia lebouf...15 years ago if you would have told me that the dorky little brother from even stevens would turn into this I would have laughed,but hey look at him now.

Obsessed with him!

Simon Baker

paul walker mmmm

Robert Downey Jr