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Russet Mineral Cheek Color ($16): More of a plumy brown, than a russet with a nice depth of rosy color. An easy mineral blusher for most women to wear. Beautiful on the lips and eyes, too! You can grab it here: #stylesuccess #peaceofmind

Spice Cheek Color ($16): A soft, rosy brown that is perfect for medium cheek tones. Contains so artificial ingredients and is everything nice! Spice up your makeup routine here: #maturebeauty #SimpleIsBeautiful

Natural Glow Mineral Blush/Bronzer ($16): A brown with undertones of red, just enough for a nice glow to the cheeks or brow. Who doesn't love a natural glow? If you're looking for yours, it's here: #peaceofmind #veganbronzer

Sunset Shimmer ($16): A well-loved dusty rose shimmer mineral cheek color. Very popular shade! This shimmery gem will look fabulous on just about any skintone, but we love to see it on medium skin! You can ride off into the sunset here: #happilyeverafter #peaceofmind #veganmakeup

Apricot Babe Cheek Color ($16): A warm and glowing apricot cheek color that is simply scrumptious on medium skin tones. You can rock this shade here: #SimpleIsBeautiful #YouAreBeautiful

Caress Mineral Cheek Color ($16): Tawny in color with a hint of rose. A lighter shade than Sweet Rose, and takes just a soft caress of color on the cheeks. You can caress your beautiful skin here: #totalwellness #YouAreBeautiful

Sweet Rose Mineral Cheek Color ($16): Rosy blush that's great for fair to medium skin tones. You'd be surprised how wearable this shade is! Don't even get us started on it's use for lips! Your own sweet rose awaits: #totalwellness #simpleisbeautiful

Dusk Cheek Color ($16): This shade evokes all of the colors of a beautiful sunset. We like to call this a "pinky, mauve blush" that is equal parts flirty and sweet. Experience fresh pops of color to create a lovely glow with our pure mineral cheek colors. You can attain dusk here: #SimpleIsBeautiful #mindfulmama

Rosalee Cheek Color ($16): A high shimmer of berry pink, that will give you the sweetest color on deep skin tones. We love offering fresh pops of color to create a lovely glow. Never fear, Rosalee is here: #Stylesuccess #botanicalbeauty

Adobe Cheek Color ($16): Okay, to be honest this shade can be worn by ANY skintone, from lightest to darkest, depending on how heavy-handed you are. This highly pigmented powder means a little goes a long way. Your inner earth goddess awaits: #veganmakeup #simpleisbeautiful